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Yoga has become popular around the world. For all the restless notice it provides cure, for all fitness, handsomeness / beauty would be the cravings throughout the day, and also for the unwell health. And also folks utilize it for establishing memory, intelligence, and creativeness. Additionally, it is now becoming a right section of education. The modern medical system has replaced just about all the original systems of medication in different elements of the globe simply because of its rational foundation. This has shown itself best in save humans from the deadly fingers of contagious and transmittable conditions. Psychosomatic illnesses and psychiatric problems are posing outstanding obstacle with the latest healthcare system. It’s here that Pilates are making a vital contribution with the modern system that is medical.

Yoga may be the technology of mind. It teaches all of us ideas on how to get a handle on the attention, our desires, and all of our reaction to concerns. This is the method for make the brain quiet; it will help you to keep up inner comfort at all times, in our actions and boost physical and mental health.

The phrase Pilates has its own root that is verbal YujSanskrita. Yuj indicates joining. Pilates is that which joins. The individual self with the universal Self in the traditional terminology it is joining of जीवात्मा (Jīvātmā) with परमात्माParamātmā. It is deemed a development from the narrow constricted personality that is egoistic an all-pervasive, endless, and blissful county of fact.

Patanjali defines Yoga as


Yogaścitavṛttinirodhaḥ | (PYS: 1.2.).

Yoga is a process of gaining control over the mind which helps us to reach to our original state. Yoga helps us to remain calm and silent in any circumstances of life.

According to Yoga vāsiṣṭha, (3.9.32) Yoga is a skilful trick to calm down the mind.

According to Bhagavad Gita (2.50), it is,

योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्।

Yogah karmasu kauśalam |

Yoga is dexterity in action.


Community Health business (whom) now defines fitness or healthiness is a county of wellness at physical, mental, social, and spiritual amounts and not only a lack of disorder or infirmity. Previously, which implemented merely three components e.g. Bodily, Intellectual and Social. The Foreign expert recognized “spirituality’s” role in wellness advertising not too long ago after recognizing Pilatesas an incorporated and Holistic Science and its efficacy in fitness advertisement.

Sri Aurobindo emphasizes, “Health is actually all-round personality development at the bodily, psychological, intellectual, mental, and spiritual degree. It is a procedure in which the restrictions and defects can end up being washed away causing a superhuman race.” The newest business of much deeper ideas on the global industry beyond the five senses appear within this level of superman life. Additional increases contribute to humans to unfold ever-deeper layers of awareness and widen the spectrum of their facts to maneuver towards divinity or excellence. Yoga is an organized process that is conscious accelerating the rise of human being from pet amount to divinity. This is an organized strategy for all-round personality development actual, emotional, rational, mental, and spiritual components of individuals. Therefore, Yoga within the methodology that is general for growth of human beings to divine heights include methods ideal for healing programs in making human beings healthier. Tranquility, peace, balance, fitness, adore, pleasure, accuracy and ability characterize Yoga way of life.

Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT)

The dictionary concept of ‘therapy’ is actually medication meant to lessen or heal bodily disorders or illness. The phrase “therapy “is originated from the Greek word “therapy’’ (recovery). As infection describes both physical mind and body, therapies covers cures of disease of both “body” and “mind”. This concerning, the traditional treatments i.e. the Allopathic treatment is most winning with all their brand-new medication, medical engineering and technology. However, the means is bound into the treatments for the physical mind and body independently. Simply because, ‘disease’, in modern-day medical views, is considered as dysfunction of areas and program that might be because of congenital problems, by additional atmospheric agents like allergens, waste, toxins or infectious bacteria. However, contemporary research doesrecognize that one other major cause of conditions is the element of inner scales like psychological restlessness, psychological upsurges or rational conflicts that lead to concerns scenarios.

Pilates treatment therapy is in relation to ancient Indian beliefs that are traditional real human existences is actually five sheaths, known as panchakosa. Into the old-fashioned of Yoga and Upanishads which explains the 5 layers of personal existences. These five layers are:

· Annamaya Kosha
· Pränamaya Kosha
· Manomaya Kosha
· Vijnanamaya Kosha
· Anandamaya Kosha

I. Annamaya Kosha
This entire universe is made up of ‘Anna’ or procedure, every little thing arrives of Anna. Our very own bodily person is generated of ‘Anna’ or procedure. This topic mainly based aspect of all of our personality that is physical is Kosha. Annamaya Kosha is made from five elements include Pancabhütas, specifically, and is the grossest in the five Koshas.
II. Pranamaya Kosha
Prana will be the force that is vital life fuel. This prana may be the fabric that is basic of universe both inside and outside our body. an uniform flow that is harmonious of every single and each and every mobile on the AnnamayaKoça keeps them live and healthier. präna moves through nadis which is called ‘Panchaprana’ namely- Apana, prana, Udana, Samana and Vyana. This Präëamayakoça paperwork the layer that will be subtler as compared to Annamaya kosha.
III. Manomaya Kosha
The third kosha are brain also known as Manomaya Kosha. It is a group of thoughts, the needs and wants “love or hate” supported by the heavier “I” (the ego). Mana (head) will be thesources of every little thing. It is primarily the feeling this is the cause of most real human pleasure and stress. Whenever emotions expand healthier, they govern against our actions that are right. This leads to imbalance called Ädhi or stress. Longstanding, Ädhi gets pressed into Pranamaya Kosha and Annamaya Kosha creating Vyadhis.
IV. Vijnanamaya Kosha
Vijnanamaya kosha could be the next layer of our own existence. It is our very own intelligence or the part that is discriminative of attention which guides you, to differentiate between correct and wrong, bad and the good and make use of our independence of preference to maneuver towards long-lasting sukha or delight. It functions on conscience which continually guides the manomaya kosha to have the expertise across the standard instincts. It is primarily the component of the brain which was developed in people that considerably distinguishes people from animals.
V. Anandamaya Kosha
Kosha This is actually the bliss layer of your presence. Here is the most suitable aspect of all of our existence which will be devoid of any type of feelings, a situation of overall quiet, a state of complete balance, and health that is perfect. It is the subtlest on the list of five layers of our own presence. The Research of Infection

The Science of Illness

In Anandamaya Kosha people try healthiest with perfect balance and stability of all the traits. At Vijnanamaya kosha the movements were channelized inside the direction that is right. The imbalance starts just into theManomaya Kosha. These imbalances enhance by themselves leading to the illness that is mental ‘Adhi’. At this stage there aren't any problems at the level that is physical. But with passing of time these Adhis for example., the diseases that are mental and induce disturbances at Manomaya kosha
Pranamaya kosha level eventually settling down at physical level in form of various organic diseases called Vyadhis.
Vyadhis include of two types – Adhija and Anadhija. The AdhijaVyadhi is twofold–Samanya and Sara. AdhijaVyadhi, according to Yogic principle, appear under theSamanya (ordinary) Adhi and it is termed clinically as psychosomatic ailments. There is another kind ofAdhijaVyadhi called Sara (essential) Adhi. These conditions are responsible for rebirth to which all the male is subjects. To phrase it differently, it is congenital infection concerned with cycles of delivery and demise, that could just be treated by realization from the causal frame of mind along with a corresponding capability to live in Vijnanamaya kosha and Anandamaya Kosha. In this condition, people transcends the cycles of delivery and demise. AnadhijaVyadhis are those which do not originate in your mind such as issues, injury and diseases that are infectious is handled by mainstream medicines
The psychosomatic maladies --- the samanyaadhijavyädhis match towards the latest illnesses that are psychosomatic. Whenever all of our mind is agitated during our very own relationships utilizing the industry in particular, you can find variations in prana’s circulation from inside thenäòés ensuing into either kujeratvam (completely wrong digestion) or ajereatvam (non-digestion) or atejereatvam (over food digestion) of meals. This improperly absorbed foods lead to different psychosomatic ailments according to the genetic inclination of a people.
In Yoga Vasistha, sage Vasistha describes this concept of Vyadhis to Srirama and also gives remedies for them. He says that through primary cause (of the mind) the disease of body is generated. If this primary cause is annihilated at its root then all diseases will be destroyed. If the mind becomes purified with true sattva guna then prana vayu will begin to circulate freely throughout the body, the food taken will be digested properly and hence no disease will arise.
The psychosomatic illnesses are due to disturbances at 3 levels namely Manomaya, Pranamaya and Annamaya kosa levels respectively. And hence their treatment requires correction at all the levels of our existence. IAYT developed by SVYASA includes practices acting at different Kosha’s and treats these illnesses so as to remove the basic causes of disturbances. The practices at various levels are as follows:

The psychosomatic illnesses are due to disturbances at 3 levels namely Manomaya, Pranamaya and Annamaya kosa levels respectively. And hence their treatment requires correction at all the levels of our existence. IAYT developed by SVYASA includes practices acting at different Kosha’s and treats these illnesses so as to remove the basic causes of disturbances. The practices at various levels are as follows: I. Annamaya Kosha
a) Yogāsana: Yogasanas are physical postures after imitating the natural positions of the animals meant to make the mind tranquil. Through these postures, the physical revitalization and deep relaxation and mental calmness are achieved.
b) Yogic diet: Yogic diet includes sättvika food which keeps body light, alert, energetic adding vitality and strength and creates a clear consciousness.
c) Kriyas: These are techniques developed in order to cleanse the systems internally.
d) sithilekarana Vyayama (Loosening exercises): Loosening exercises are simple physical movements to mobilize and activate the affected parts of the body.
II. Pranamaya Kosha
a) Pranayäma: It is the process of gaining control over ‘Prana’.
b) Breathing practices: It is the help to remove the random agitation in the Präna’ flow throughout the body. It also includes Pranic Energization Technique (PET).
III. Manomaya koça
a) Meditation : The culturing of mind is accomplished by focusing the mind (Dhäranä) followed by relaxed dwelling of the mind on a single thought(Dhyäna) for longer and longer durations leading ultimately to total silence (super- consciousness) Samädhi.
b) Devotional sessions : A devotional session containing prayers, chants, Bhajans, Nämävalis, Dhunas, Stotras etc. help to build a congenial atmosphere to evoke, recognize, attenuate & dissipate the emotions. The emotional imbalance & upsurges are eliminated by such control.
IV. Vijnänamaya kosha
We can overcome all the miseries and obsessions by basic perception and right knowledge. Listening lectures, discussing and the counseling of Yoga philosophy, positive and constructive topics offer the right attitude. It also includes cyclic meditation, advanced practices like Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT), Mastering the Emotion Technique (MEMT), Mind Imagery Technique (MIRT). V. Änandamaya Kosha
Working in blissful awareness is the practice at this level. It is a state of complete harmony and perfect health. This also brings over innate healing powers to affect, a complete cure of our ailments. The techniques used come under the heading of karma Yoga, the secret of action with equanimity of mind over success and failure. This is accomplished by self-awareness and acceptance of the disturbances, equipping one- self of the necessary skills to withdraw into inner self with patience and perseverance.
Thus, working at all the levels of existence through various yogic techniques brings about a wholesome result in cases of psychosomatic illnesses.

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