I attened group yoga classes under Adarsh guruji, his classes was nice, from yoga my BP was reduced, daily I feel relaxed if I do yoga in the morning. Now I am free from laziness because of yoga practices like asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques. Yoga practices brought physical fitness, mentally peace, from this peace of mind I able to focus on my work properly and I able to manage my office works easily.

Raghu kulkarni Director - cognizent software company

I was attended spiritual yoga classes for my health purpose, Adarsh was given wonderful yoga sessions to me.

Yenamala Rama krishna (Finance Minister for AP)

I am getting personal yoga classes from yoga instructors, yoga is effective but I started attending yoga classes under spiritual yoga master ( Adarsh) his yoga classes much more effective then other yoga instructors because of his teaching and spiritual explanation is good and I am attending his classes regularly. Day by day am getting good improvement my diabetic under control now, with in a few month I reduced to take insulin it happened because of yoga practices under the guidance of spiritual yoga master.

Kutumba Rao (Business Entrepreneur)

Yoga classes are wonderful when I use to attend online yoga classes I need yoga classes because of I have anxity, I feel uneasy in dialy life, I go in to panic, I unable to be active in my work, my emotional get disturbed, when I take medicne I feel fine but when I started attening yoga classes in online then day by day all my issues gone away because of his teachings, I got couseling, yoga practice like asanas, different types of breathing techniques, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques are wonderful practice’s. when I do yoga in the morning or evening I feel very relaxed in a entire day, I able to be active, I don’t have panic, am balanced in my emotions. My negative thoughts was reduced and I am started getting positive thoughts because of Adarsh Narayandas yoga teaching i am thank full to him.

Sai Datha - Malasiya

I have attended yoga classes for insomina, I never go to proper sleep I use to get sleep late night, after attending the yoga classes I able to sleep 6 to 8 hours in a day, I practice yoga regularly under the guidance of spiritual master Adarsh from his teaching only I got good impact. Pranayama, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation helped me lot.


Before I started attending yoga classes outside I feel better but when I started attending yoga classes under his guidance I enjoyed more because of he give power yoga classes from this classes I got muslce streangth at physical level and relaxation at mind level. I felt newly from the yoga, after starting yoga classes I felt I started new life, I feel new beginning. And I able to make my movie direction in a perfect way, now I am the new person. I am thank ful to Adarsh and his classes.

V.V. Vinayak. - Associate director at telugu film industry

First time in my life I started learning yoga that I took yoga classes from Adarshji, I enjoyed the yoga classes my much better and after this yoga classes I felt lightness in supine posture, I feel very much relaxed, unknowing I reduced smoking. I use to sit more time in a day while working it i suffer from backache from this yoga therapy the pain was cured. Yoga brought fitness at physical level & mind level, health consciousness and spiritual growth with in me. When guru kept his thumb figure at my forehead during meditation I felt elector magnetic energy it is a thrilling experience.

Paragh Director - Deloitte company.

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