Spiritual power yoga Classes in Hyderabad

Spiritual power yoga is for wellness and well-being at physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual levels.Yoga can aid every human being to be healthy, and free from diseases, stress and worry.
In the technologically advanced world of today, people are perpetually busy, their minds occupied all the time. Overworked minds and bodies, with little or no rest and recharging, drain people of their energies, leading to the development of diseases at younger ages, and shorter lifespans.People of all ages and occupations seem to be constantly engaged in thinking and doing. They frequently neglect some aspects of their being, especially their emotional and spiritual health, and often find themselves immersed in worries and unable to handle stress effectively. This accelerates ageing and makes them prone to diseases and suffering

The practice of spiritual power yoga, which includes physical discipline as well as the enhancement of the power of the mind, brings about physical fitness, mental peace, emotional strength, and spiritual growth. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Spirituality is the experience of a truth that is not capable of being measured in quantitative units.The enhancement of pranashakti, or vital force, involves the practice of meditation and pranayama.

The expansion of the consciousness that spiritual yoga facilitates grants people the experience of enhanced divinity within them. The aim of yoga is to connect the self with the divine. The union with the divine brings liberation at the physical, mental and emotional levels. Spiritual power yoga helps the practitioner achieve freedom from stress, diseases, pain, and suffering. The correct practice of spiritual yoga requires an experienced and empathetic guide.  

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