Secrets of Yoga

Yoga gives Amruth or Nectar, the Spiritual Yogi will experience the flow of amruth or nectar while performing pranayama and meditation. It is true medicine further it brings freedom. Yoga enhances the divinity within us by practice of Yoga as in yogic posture through practicing the Pranayama and meditation. Yoga is the way of life, normally the person need good health and wealth for living purpose. Yoga plays important role in daily life. How the person takes food and rest in daily life, the yoga practice is also important. The person must & should practice the yoga daily because of enhancing the vitality day by day for well being and wellness in all levels i.e., physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Yoga means union of physical, mental and divine spirit. Its being in the present moment. The awareness will expands by yoga practices like pranayama and meditation. This expands the consciousness. From this consciousness, mind comes under our control. Completely being in present moment is nothing but a mastery over the mind and connecting the divine is yoga. We should control the mind or mind controls us. All the senses connect to the mind. If mind comes under our control then senses also comes under our control. Without our permission thoughts will not arise. Thinking is the habit of mind. When mind become still, then there will be no craving and no aversion. It is the state of equanimity. Then pranic energy flows in to mind and body. Mind created the body, when the mind is stable then energy flows in to body because of mind. if mind fluctuating then energy do not flow. Consciousness is energy. where there is consciousness, there is energy. From energy we can move our body, we can see, we can hear. But mind needs cosmic energy. Physical energy comes from food. It is for physical movements. For mind functioning, it needs cosmic energy. It needs pure cosmic energy for purification of the negative karmas in causal body. 100 watts bulb have capacity of 100w not 200 or 1000 watts. Energy flow depends up on our consciousness. If you have normal consciousness then normal energy flows in to you. If you have more consciousness, more energy flows. Yoga keeps you young & healthy. Yoga increases your life span and it slowdowns your age process. Yoga gives freedom. Free from the stress, free from diseases, free from problems, free from miseries and free from bondage of birth and death. Yoga takes you towards higher levels of consciousness. yoga means not only asanas, but also Pranayama and meditation. Yoga is step by step process. it expands your consciousness. Firstly, You will be freed from stress and u will get peace, silence of mind and calmness then secondly, It frees you from diseases. From stress only diseases arise. If more energy is there in the mind then bliss comes. From this miserys will disappear. After awakening the kundalini, it reaches sahasrara (it is the state of liberation free from all bondages, completely connecting the divine). Asanas are for controlling the body. Pranayama is for increasing the vital force and it helps to control the mind. Meditation is for causal body and mastery over the mind completely. Yoga expands knowledge and it improves the intelligence. this makes you achieve success easier in life.

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