Secrets of True Liberation

Free from all bondages is liberation, free from all attachment is liberation, it comes when person don't care about past, future and present, it applys those have no feelings, if a person not having fear of anything he is liberated soul, The truth is truth, truth is covered by maya, maya of mind, people called this truth is as God but I call it is truth, this truth is nothing but a everything. When self soul get transformation from physical consciousness to subtle consciousness through kundalini transformation then self soul will realise the truth by transcending the mind maya, clouds are like maya it is mask, it covered the truth, truth is available inside it is real beauty, i.e infinite space, bliss & light within, in the state of deeper mind or beyond mind, to realise this consciousness required, higher consciousness it comes by only through yoga & spirituality, Under proper guidance of spiritual yoga guru. Life is amazing and life is nothing as same coin having both sides, it is attachment and detachment. The real life starts attaining the freedom or liberation, living happy life, blissful life, understanding is important, liberation is freedom I.e blissful. Attaining the wisdom in social life and spiritual life it is freedom then a person will get auto transformation in to spiritual.

Liberation is the real state it is beyond, what ever you see physical eyes it is temporary, it may keeps you happy presently but in future unhappiness raises from inside, real bliss comes by spiritual attaining inner space and light within. Closing the all senses is nothing but a opening the sixth sense, closing the two physical eyes nothing but a opening the third eye. Real liberation comes by death of ego, yes ego will never die it will get off at the time of physical death. This death of ego can be practiced while live, yes it can be but impossible, it can be practiced by guidance of true guru those had death experience while alive and coming back in to same physical form It is nothing but real enlightenment stepping in to liberation through realising the serpent power the kundalini power within. Ego makes disconnect but love makes connect, ego keeps limited consciousness but love keeps unlimited consciousness. Knowing the truth of self it is I am nothing, I m nothing but a pure space then ego dies kundalini will be raised then a self soul or person will be realised the truth of light being, space consciousness is blissful and light, which it is infinite. Attachment keeps you limited because of impurity, it keeps attachment it never liberates you but detachment is purity it always keeps non attachment it liberates you because of you are pure space and light Being, it is the state of beyond beyond immortality, you are the divine. @ Adarsh

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