Secrets of Real Beauty & its Creation

Low consciousness beings feel that beauty at physical level? People think I m physical level only that is what ignorance. Understanding the consciousness energy it is the base and it is from beyond, consciousness energy is everything we can't tell it is nothing it is very powerful but it looks like nothing it is space consciousness it is from Beyond physical, beyond astral, beyond subtle and beyond causal. Consciousness energy is the reason for the universe creation it is in invisible form people call it is God I call it is divine or truth.

What we think we have only one universe no no, we have many universe are available in the space, in the universe sky available in the from of darkness and light. Earth is beauty, beautiness available in all elements, all elements in the form of tress, all beings as we see the animals, human beings as we call nature. Entire creation it is real beauty it's we can call God gift. Why I said God gift, we came from nothingness, we are here to educate our selfs for real transformation from physical to subtle and beyond this is real transformation it happens by kundalini power the serpent energy. The real beauty is divine it can call as serpent power the true pure energy it takes you beyond towards infinite consciousness, it is your real form.

All people what to be happy and all living beings they attracted to beauty, everything is beautiful actually, the real beauty can be realised and experienced in higher dimension view and perception. How you look it. How you perceive it. How you receive it. We spend time in our work, we do if we like, if we not like we not do. The beautiness is there in each and every moment. You may ask me, how can we feel beautiness in each and every moment but according to my experience this kundalini brings transformation in the process of transformation we see the things as it is and its beautiness, the happiness raises inside, we feel connection by waves to tress and animals, we are one to many, came from same source by individually we are having different level of consciousness according to consciousness, our perception will be there dimensions way of look. Entire creation is amazing, space, light, energy, elements etc it is like play ground, we are here to play, having fun and getting self education but not strucking here it self. Everything is beauty in the form of energy as temporary forms all beings and permanent but from physical eyes we see all temporary beautiness but from 3rd eye we see real beauty it is permanent that is in the form of energy, feel consciousness and light. Normally we see from physical eye what ever you see it is beauty and divinity don't make your self keep fixing the beauty is physical level but also mind level it is maya and pure mind is real beauty and spiritual level the ultimate immortal beauty the soul beautiness.

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