Pranayama Classes

Pranayama is an important practice for human beings on the earth planet because of pranayama practices which expanses the consciousness, awareness and concentration.

Pranayama is the practice which enhances the vital force or prana shakthi this prana shakthi enhances the life span.

First the person will get relax by the practice of pranayama, this pranayama keeps the person mind in present moment.

When the person gets more prana shakthi inside this prana shakthi expands the consciousness from this the intellect or mind power will be enhanced and it keeps the person healthy & young

There are many pranayama techniques are available this techniques will helps the for revitalizing the vital organs, prana shakthi when enters throughout the body and mind. All this Pranayama practices or pranayama techniques should be done under the guidance of master because of Pranayama it effects directly on nervous, nadis, lungs, other organs, brain, etc

Pranayama not only effects at physical level, organic level but also its effects at mind level pranayama purifies the mind also it removes the negative samskaras and it removes the negative karmas also but for deeper negative karmas removed by the meditation practices.

Prana is prana shakthi yama means doing exercises it is breathing exercises by controlling the breath or mastery over the breath. Not only the control the breath practices but also it pran ayama , pran means prana shakthi or vital force, ayama means extension, extension of breath.

In the pure oxygen prana shakthi will be there from this pranayama practices the breath enters in to the lungs and it removes the carbon dioxide from this lungs will get acitaved and blood will be purified this purified blood will be circulated in the entire body, pranayama purified the blood, prana shakthi entires in to the tissues and cells further it removes the toxic matter at organic level, cell level, tissue level and mind level.

Different techniques of breath exercises is there bhasrika , kapalabathi, Anolom vilom, etc.., at the time of doing this kind of technics then prana shakthi will enters in to your body in different kind of areas then if you do maximum techniques of pranayama then prana shakthi will enter in to your whole body system and mind.

When you are in more relax at mind level then numbers of breaths will comes down, normal people respiration happens 14 times in a minute and when you are in bliss and peace then you respiration's will come down to 6 or 8 or 10 in a minute.

Daily practice is necessary, if a person practice pranayama it enhances the consciousness from this the prana shakthi will be enhances and it will be stored in the body, mind and in organic level.

Earning the prana shakthi or cosmic prana shakthi is important because of if a person having more prana shakthi inside then the person mind power and intelligence will be enhanced.

By daily practice further the prana shakhti will gained by the person more from enhancing the more prana shakthi inside further it leads to spiritual growth as well.

pranayama should practice in young age then only it effects good, if a person practice pranayama in old age then it not effects.

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