Power Yoga Classes in Hitech City Hyderabad

Power yoga for physical fitness, strength and flexibility

More and more people around the world are leading increasingly sedentary lives. Besides the sharp reduction in physical activity, there is a general increase in the intake of unhealthy foods. This results in an increasing proportion of overweight and obesity, which put people at risk of many diseases. Power yoga offers a solution to this problem: it helps in the achievement of normal weight, muscle strength and flexibility. Attention to a healthy diet, and regular practice of yoga helps in the maintenance of fitness, weight, strength and flexibility.

Power yoga involves powerful movements, numerous repetitions, and the maintaining of postures for several seconds or even minutes, for therapeutic benefits. Initial sessions of power yoga may be strenuous for a beginner, but practice enhances strength and makes it easier. The guidance of a yoga master is essential for the safe and effective practice of power yoga.

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