Meditation Yoga Classes in Hyderabad

Meditation is belongs to being in present moment you should live in present moment to moment with your mind and senses totally being with your self is called as meditation.

At the time of doing meditation the person should be sit in totally relax posture your spine should be straight and your eyes should be close then you should be keep your body and mind in still position then you will reach the inner self. For achieving meditative stat you can observe the natural breath or relax breath or slowly inhale and exhale with relaxation then your mind become more calm then you can observe natural breath then you will reach your inner self, practice makes man in prefect you should practice meditation daily then meditation will become easier to you then one day you will attain meditative state.

For achieving the meditative state the mind should be in present moment this moment same and next moment also same it happens by the mind, the mind should be in present and still, normally mind wants to wander here and there because of unstableness, desires and normally the mind gets thoughts, thoughts rises because of desires, all the senses connected to mind this senses & mind will disturbs.

The mind is like monkey it jumps here and there, but human body is looks like still but mind is jumping here and there and it will disturbs while practicing the meditation.

For attain Samadhi or meditative stat you need Stillness of body and mind, if you have more consciousness, Awareness and concentration then your mind will not fluctuate then your mind will be still.

Consciousness is for being total in present moment, Awareness is for aware of your thoughts when you have more aware then thoughts will not rise without your permission and concentration is for focusing on one point for no changing mind then it will become still.

Suppose if you have no thoughts inside while doing of meditation then sometimes you may be not achieve meditative stat because of changing mind, mind always changing changing, if mind changing changing then you will not achieve meditative stat your mind should be completely still then only you will reach Samadhi or meditative stat.

At the time of doing meditation concentration is most important for focusing moment to moment as it same, with awareness and with consciousness, Focusing should not be lose the moment to moment, if you lose the moment to moment then you will not achieve meditative stat, this better focus depends on your inner blissful and peace. This peace and blissful is equal to consciousness, awareness and concentration. When your consciousness will reach the mid brain then you will be more aware and you will able to be with perfect concentration at the time of doing meditation.

If you use the mind always then transcend will not happened because of you will struck in the mind because of unnecessary thoughts will rise in the mind and you will starts thinking and it will disturbs the sub-consciousness then there will be no calmness of mind, if you want to think you can think in consciousness.

When your thoughts not rising then Transcend will happens then cosmic energy will flows in to you, always cosmic connected to you with your present’s, at the time of doing meditation with observing natural breath also some cosmic flows in to you, in meditative stat or samadhi more cosmic flows in to you then consciousness, awareness and concentration expands then without observe the breath also you will achieve meditative stat because of your mind consciousness reached the Mid brain , in body and mind this is another technic of meditation, there is different kind of practices are there to reach the meditative state, example for keeping the stable mind the person can chant the mantra repeatedly, if you chant any mantra continually through closing eyes and in a seating posture with relaxed mind and body then this repeating word happens continually while chanting mantras then your mind will become equanimity, this equanimity is still mind then you will attain Samadhi. Through this chanting the mantras it will help you to achieve meditative stat then one day without chanting the mantras also you will achieve meditative stat because of practice. Another technic of meditation this technic is you have to keep you mind on the energy centers, you will keep you mind on one energy centers for few minutes this energy centers is there in your body and you have to keep your mind in another energy center for few minutes then your mind will reach to that energy center one day then that energy center starts working because of your mind consciousness reaching that energy center.

Consciousness, Awareness and concentration belong to present moment only not past and not future. You should be keep your mind and senses in present moment at the time of walking or drinking water or eating you should aware of your Actions with consciousness then it will helps you while doing meditation.

Through the pranayama also your consciousness, awareness and concentraion will expands then meditation easy for you.

Sometimes we unable to stay meditative stat at the time of doing mediation because of inner unconsciousness is there this unconsciousness pulls you back, when we practice more meditation then this unconsciousness will become super consciousness then you able to stay always in meditative stat.

Desires rising inside the mind because of unconsciousness is there in this darkness only desires rising then thoughts also rising, through this thoughts they are thinking always then where is the present moment, at the time of doing meditation every one should stay in present moment for reach the meditative stat, if u unable to do proper meditation then do pranayama then consciousness and concentration will be improved then meditation is easy.

If you want to go beyond the thoughts at the time of doing meditation you just observe the thoughts but don't think when thoughts rises inside you, you need justaware of thoughts one thought will rise and then another thoughts will rises if you aware of your thoughts then thoughts will not rise without u r permission then slowly u will enter in to meditative stat, every day you should practice, practice makes man in perfect. Through meditation you will get answers from all your questions, within you 5 elements is there Earth, water, Fire, Air and space, everything is there inside you god or soul is there inside you in your inner space this inner space is there beyond the mind and it is called as transcend also Transcend is called as Transformation also. When you will reach your innerself then all secrets will be revealed, secrets of you, secrets of universe, secrets of god, secrets of who am I, secrets of soul, etc everything will be revealed with in you , no need to search outside, from outside you will get only meditation.

Transcend means your inner self soul merge with inner self supreme soul its mean jewathma will merge with paramathma, jewathma is there in Anahata region it is in chest and pranamathma is there in Ajna region it is in mid eyebrow. Transcend is beyond the mind. Transcend or Transformation it will happens only through consciousness, through consciousness only you will transcend the body, mind and intellect mind towards self, it is consciousness journey it is a journey towards inwards deeper inwards journey towards inner space. In a deep sleep complete transcend will not happens you can’t cross the intellect mind, spiritual beings or yogis can transcend the intellect mind in deep sleep or yoga Nidra.

meditation practices should be done in under the guidance of a master, different techniques are there to practice to achieve the meditative state, different techniques will be suitable for different people for this the master will take the counsel to the person from this the master will teach the suitable technique to reaching the meditative state to the student.

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