About Guruji - Biography

Adarsh is the living and enlightening spiritual Yoga master. At the age of seven, he had the following questions in his mind:
Who am I?
Where did I come from?
What is purpose of life?
What happens after death?

Adarsh Narayandas Spiritual Yoga Master

He learned Pranayama in 2005, started meditating in 2007, and in 2008 he had many spiritual experiences. In July 2012, he joined Yoga Instructor course for one month. In August 2012, he joined Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga Therapy and completed the course including internship in November 2013. And then, he started teaching Spiritual Power Yoga since 2014.
His aim is to spread yoga and spiritual knowledge to people in an authentic and scientific way. Everyone should know the power of Yoga and Spirituality as they bring happiness, peace, and bliss within us. To achieve these, one should seek the guidance of a spiritual yoga master. A spiritual yoga master is a person who has experienced the spiritual truths and has good knowledge in Yoga.
In this hectic life yoga is necessary for every person to stay healthy, peaceful, and relaxed. Yoga brings tremendous changes at mind, emotional, and soul levels. Also, it brings fitness at physical level, peace and relaxation at mind level, wheel power and stability at emotional level, and freedom at soul level. A well trained and highly knowledgeable spiritual yoga master helps in achieving these.

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