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About Guruji

Adarsh is the living and enlightening spiritual Power Yoga master. At the age of seven, he had the following questions in his mind:

Adarsh Narayandas Spiritual Power Yoga master

He learned Pranayama in 2005, started meditating in 2007, and in 2008 he had many spiritual experiences. In July 2012, he joined Yoga Instructor course for one month. In August 2012, he joined Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga Therapy and completed the course including internship in November 2013. And then, he started teaching Spiritual Power Yoga since 2014.

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Home Yoga Classes


  • I was attended spiritual yoga classes for my health purpose, Adarsh was given wonderful yoga sessions to me.

    Dr Yenamala Rama krishna (Finance Minister for AP)

  • I attened group yoga classes under Adarsh guruji, his classes was nice, from yoga my BP was reduced, daily I feel relaxed if I do yoga in the morning. Now I am free from laziness because of yoga practices like asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques. Yoga practices brought physical fitness, mentally peace, from this peace of mind I able to focus on my work properly and I able to manage my office works easily.

    Raghu kulkarni Director - cognizent software company

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Pranayama happens to be a practice that is important humans throughout the earth world caused by pranayama tactics which expanses the consciousness, consciousness, and concentration. Pranayama could be the practice which enhances the essential force or Prana Shakti this improves the life span.

Importance of Spiritual Growth In Life

Everyone bring their own very own intent behind existence. Based on their destiny you find the lives course as socially or spiritually. Folks has a skill, you will have started to see your talent in best opportunity then you'll definitely result with it and you are going to do miracles with it and you'll be researcher, companies guy, musician, etc.

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